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Lisbon | Portugal
April 1-3 | 2020

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  /  Per Harbø

Per Harbø

Per Harbø is Programme Director at the Programme for Innovative Procurements in Oslo. He has led the work on public-private innovation and innovative procurements for the last decade and through close to 250 innovation processes. He supports public buyers to solve their current challenges by being strategic, but also a bit more bold about their approach to public procurement.

Per is currently focusing more and more of his attention on looking at the larger societal challenges where public buyers can join forces. The process he is most excited about at the moment is the Zero-Emission Construction Sites (ZemCons) process where he gathered 9 significant public buyers from Norway – state, regional and local levels – and managed to accelerate innovations we can see the results of today.


Boring no more: The #1 tool for cities to initiate change | Day 1, 16:00 – 17:30 | The Hub, H2 | Slides