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Lisbon | Portugal
April 1-3 | 2020

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  /  Pandora Batra

Pandora Batra

Pandora Batra is the Senior Engagement Officer of CDP in London and works with over 620 cities around the world supporting them to monitor and manage their environmental impact. CDPs large network of both cities and companies allows it to pioneer exciting new collaborative projects such as the London Business Climate Leaders Initiative. This pilot project brings together cities and companies leading on climate action to translate global commitments on reducing emissions into concrete local actions.

Pandora´s passion for the work stems from the knowledge that you cannot manage what you don’t measure. CDP is the world largest environmental reporting platform helping cities, companies, and investors to evaluate their impact and take the next step towards a more sustainable future.


Collaboration can change everything | Day 1, 16:00-17:30 | The Hub, H1 | Slides