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Lisbon | Portugal
April 1-3 | 2020

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  /  Øystein Berge

Øystein Berge

Øystein Berge is Senior Consultant at COWI in Oslo. His job is designing the cities of the future: He analyses how we will travel in the future, how we should plan urban space, what impact new technology will play, how mobility will change, and how we can increase productivity in our cities.

Øystein is the project manager of a project called The Oslo Study: It models/simulates the Oslo urban area transport system under future scenarios of mobility, where we’ve looked at the potential gains and pitfalls of future mobility and their political impacts. The study will be made public in April/May 2019. As the father of two wonderful twins aged 7 years, he wants to be part of making their future world a better place.


The biggest driver of change in mobility | Day 1, 14:00 – 15:30 | The Hub, H1 | Slides