Europe’s largest event for sustainable cities.


Here we come, Rotterdam!

June 16-18 | 2021

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  /  Mathis Hampel

Mathis Hampel

Mathis believes that the development of civil rights hasn’t stopped with universal suffrage and the welfare state. Which is why, in 2017, he quit his job and, together with like-minded realists, founded the “Generation Grundeinkommen”, Austria’s centrist universal basic income think tank. Why basic income? Why not! Before joining Urban Future Global Conference, “by far the most exciting job I could land in my home-town”, he studied geography and published extensively on his academic pet topic, climate science and policy. Mathis is convinced that climate change is anything but a crisis waiting for a solution. It’s our predicament and we better learn to live with it, to use it for the goals we set to reach: from democratization to decarbonisation, because the climate can never be a goal in itself.

Mathis likes the hustle and bustle of farmers’ markets, good conversations and the charm of a badly told joke. Recently he got into opera singing. Not a joke.