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Oslo | Norway
May 22-24 | 2019

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The Oslo Region alliance consists of 79 local authorities, including the City of Oslo, comprising about 2.2 million inhabitants. The goal of the alliance is to strengthen the Oslo region as a competitive and sustainable region in Europe.


MHP is a leading international management and IT consultancy. Developing pioneering mobility and manufacturing solutions for multinational corporations, mid-sized companies and disruptive startups, they are shaping tomorrow’s digital future, today. Their consulting approach is unique, combining holistic IT and tech knowledge with deep expertise in management. This makes MHP the ideal partner for a successful digital transformation. Over 2,500 employees are driving digital progress in 13 locations worldwide, for over 300 clients.

City of Oslo

The municipality of Oslo is raising the bars for many other European cities in terms of sustainability. We love to be working with one of the world’s most eco-friendly and human-friendly cities.


ÅF is an engineering and design company offering project and construction management, consulting, lighting design and architecture. The company creates sustainable solutions for the next generation through talented people and technology. Today the ÅF Group has 10 000 employees and offices in more than 30 countries across the globe. ÅF works with the full range of land-based construction and infrastructure projects, from urban development to small and large buildings such as daycare centres or the new Oslo airport.


Eco-beaches along the Oslofjord, fine arts and museums? Make sure to check out Asker. The municipality inhabits around 60,000 people and is also part of the Greater Oslo Region (west of Bærum).


LINK arkitektur is one of the leading architect offices in Scandinavia. In addition to construction architecture, LINK also has wide and accessible expertise in planning, landscaping, interiors and the maritime/offshore sector. LINK is determined to find the balance between the environment, economic growth and social sustainability in architecture.


With around 8,000 employees, Veidekke is one of Scandinavia’s largest construction companies and property developers. The company undertakes all types of building, construction and civil engineering contracts, develops residential projects, maintains roads, and produces asphalt and aggregates. Veidekke has a strong focus on climate-friendly construction, for example by establishing a fossil-free fleet of machinery.


The municipality has been voted the best Norwegian place to live in considering governance and public services to citizens. The area has a population of around 123,000 and is located on the west coast of Oslo.

Cree by Rhomberg

40% of today’s energy, CO2 and resource consumption and 40% of waste production are accounted by the global construction industry. The Cree System is a multi-story, timber based, sustainable building approach, which provides a flexible construction system that meets all requirements of modern real estate markets. The wood-based system is meant to prove that there are new timber technologies and serial processes available where a modern, system approach to construction can be applied.


The municipality of 68,000 people is situated around 40 km west of Oslo and is home to some innovative FutureBuilt pilot projects such as the city centre of Strømsø.


The city of Graz has committed itself to sustainability and the responsible use of resources. As a rapidly growing city, residential construction relies on the renewable raw material wood and the use of environmentally friendly technologies such as district heating or solar power. In terms of mobility, too, e-mobility, car sharing, etc. are being promoted. In terms of Business Development Department, those start-ups which are conducting research in the field of energy and environmental technology are particularly encouraged.


Vestre has incorporated the Sustainable Development Goals into the company’s core strategy and is investing 10% of the profits every year to external SDG initiatives. As an urban furniture company, Vestre is well aware of the fact that over 70% of the world’s population will live in urban areas by 2050. A city needs to be a place where people can thrive, not merely survive. That is why Vestre tries to incorporate the connection between nature and the city in every decision.

Association for Vertical Farming

The AVF is the leading global, non-profit organisation that enables international exchange and cooperation in order to accelerate the development of the indoor/vertical farming industry. Vertical farming already has the capacity to improve citizens’ access to fresh, safe food, independent of climate and location. But in the coming decades of severe planetary change, it could become an unavoidable necessity in food production. Thus, the AVF supports the implementation of these innovative technologies to make populations more resilient against future shocks.


Statsbygg is a Norwegian public administration company under the Ministry of Local Government and Modernization. They are implementing the Storting’s adopted policy within the governmental building and real estate sector, and their main task is to provide cost-effective and functional premises for state-owned enterprises.


OBOS is one of the largest property developers in the Nordics. It is a member-owned organisation (450 000 members), and started off in 1929 as a cooperative building association. OBOS’ vision is to develop the society of the future and fulfil people’s housing dreams.  According to them, the society of the future has to be sustainable. Therefore, one of OBOS’ five main focus areas for 2021 is to take environmental responsibility.  In order to do so, they are working internally, making it carbon neutral, producing renewable energy and they are working on making their buildings environmentally friendly.

Arena Oslo

Arena Oslo is a member-based foundation established in 2017 with the sole purpose of realizing the Project Arena Oslo – the smart event city.  All 38 partners of Arena Oslo have signed a binding agreement on participation in the cluster. 31 business and cultural organizations, six R&D partners and the City of Oslo. The partners’ efforts and commitment are crucial for the implementation of the mission. The cluster receives basic funding from SIVA, the Research Council and Innovation Norway and is part of the Norwegian Cluster of Expertise program.

Entra ASA

Environmental leadership is one of Entra’s strategic goals and an important part of Entra’s corporate social responsibility. Entra has developed a corporate culture with a strong environmental focus throughout the whole company. An important part of Entra’s strategy is that the company contributes to sustainable and good quality urban development. Entra will own and develop buildings at transport intersections that support the use of environmentally friendly transport alternatives to and from work. With central locations in the main cities, Entra will also focus on the development of solutions that make it easy to use bicycles and ground plans that contribute to the local environment.


KLP is the preferred pension provider for municipalities and the public health sector in Norway. They are one of Norway’s largest financial companies, and one of the Nordic region’s biggest real estate investors.

KLP makes a difference by securing future pensions through creating a safer future – for those who live now and for coming generations – in a way that benefits the climate, the environment and the society they serve.

Wien 3420 aspern Development AG

aspern Seestadt is a new urban centre taking shape in north-eastern Vienna, due for completion from 2028. It acts as an Urban Lab for the Smart City Wien initiative. As an evolving city-within-a-city, Seestadt is an ideal testing ground for new approaches in urban development. Wien 3420 AG oversees the framework strategy of aspern Seestadt, which will see the creation of high-quality housing for over 20,000 people and, eventually, thousands of workplaces.

Carucel EiendomAS

Carucel Eiendom AS owns and invests in multiple sustainable projects around Oslo. Posthallen, which is owned by Carucel, is rented out to sustainable, Nordic businesses, and has a beautiful green courtyard. In addition, Carucel invests in parts of Oslo Bay. In Barcode, the waste is weighed, so each tenant is billed for just the waste that they produce. This makes the tenants want to decrease their waste production and create a more sustainable business model.

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