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Oslo | Norway
May 22-24 | 2019

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Ecolabelling Norway

The Nordic Swan Ecolabel sets strict environmental requirements in all relevant phases of a product’s life cycle and can be obtained for more than 200 different product types. It is an effective tool to help companies that want to go ahead with sustainable solutions – and thereby enable consumers and professional buyers to choose the most environmentally friendly goods and services.

Norwegian Green Building Council

Norwegian Green Building Council (Grønn Byggallianse) is a non-profit association where businesses from the entire value chain in construction and real estate can be a member. It is to be the most important Norwegian catalyst for a sustainable building and real estate sector.


DOGA (Design and Architecture, Norway) is a driving force behind sustainable value creation through design and architecture. We facilitate collaboration between creative talents and businesses and work to strengthen the role of design and architecture in shaping the Norway of tomorrow.

National Association of Norwegian Architects

NAL is a leading supplier of knowledge in the fields of environment and sustainability. Through project collaboration with governments and national research resources, they develop new approaches and bring out best practices and pilot projects focused on achieving change in practice. With a multidisciplinary approach, NAL aims to increase collaboration between architects, consultants and other stakeholders in the construction industry.

KS, The Norwegian Association of Local and Regional Authorities

KS works to provide its members with improved economical and political frameworks and conditions for implementing and scaling up mitigation and adaption measures.

Oslo Architecture Triennale

Oslo Architecture Triennale is the Nordic region’s biggest architecture festival, and one of the world’s prominent arenas for discussion of architectural and urban challenges. OAT 2019 will challenge the supremacy of economic growth as the basis of contemporary societies and is inviting to explore the architecture of a new economy in which human and ecological flourishing matter most – the architecture of Degrowth.

Sustainability Hub Norway

S-HUB is committed to gathering people and leading companies and institutions to increase knowledge, build relationships, and accelerate sustainability initiatives. Through hosting events, circles, workshops, and by making news and tools available, they are equipping their members with the sustainability leadership that is necessary to creative, actionable, and sustainable change in cities throughout Norway.

Norsk Fjernvarme

Norsk Fjernvarme is a membership organization for the Norwegian District Heating and Cooling industry. They are promoting renewable and carbon-neutral urban energy solutions in Norway. Members account for over 80 % of district heating production in nearly 100 urban areas. Urban energy solutions are reusing thermal energy which otherwise would be wasted, replacing fossil oil heaters in Norwegian cities and making room in the power grid for electrification of other sectors.


Nabolagshager is an Oslo-based social enterprise focusing on rooftop farming, eco-innovation and green community initiatives. Their goal is promoting a shift to sustainability through entrepreneurship and knowledge exchange. They address local issues such as the integration of vulnerable communities, green job creation especially for the youth, and the increase of urban biodiversity.

Green Built

Construction materials now often comprise over half of the total climate footprint of buildings. Sustainable cities require lifecycle attention in design, procurement, certification and digital solutions for the building materials. Greenbuilt.no accelerates awareness and knowledge about trustable eco-documented materials.

Norwegian Organization of Interior Architects and Furniture Designers

NIL is a national NGO gathering interior architects and furniture designers. NIL secures its members professional and legal interests and works to promote the professions and their visibility. Its members are focused on sustainability and circular economy. NIL is an associated member of Oslo Architecture Triennale (OAT) where degrowth is the chosen theme for OAT 2019.

Innovation Norway

Innovation Norway is the Norwegian Government’s most important instrument for innovation and development of enterprises and industry. IN has taken a proactive role in steering companies towards thinking and acting in a more sustainable way. IN beliefs, the most promising opportunities for Norwegian companies can be found in the area of green innovation and in the intersection between the public and private sectors. Today, almost 30% of the total financial portfolio has an environmentally focused profile.


Ruter plans, coordinates, orders and markets public transport in Oslo and Akershus. Traditionally, Ruter has had their eyes fixed on how to provide “public transport”. Now the view expands our view towards a “sustainable freedom of movement. Ruter have chosen to use the UN’s SDGs as a framework to understand and strengthen their position.

TreFokus – Wood Focus Norway

Wood Focus Norway is a national market development company working towards sustainable building and urban development. It is a company that works in cooperation with more than 25 different partners (NGOs, companies and R&D-organizations) in the entire building sector all over Norway and in the Nordic region.


Flytoget’s most important contribution to sustainable development is to transport as many passengers as possible to the airport. For many of our customers, the car is the most real option. It is a national goal of achieving a 75% public transport share to the airport.

Circular Norway

Circular Norway is an independent industry association working to accelerate the transition from a linear to a circular economy for Norwegian business and industry. CN does this by engaging in and highlighting the need for business model innovation, design thinking and optimizing value cycles. The aim is to enable resource productivity within the city and beyond, and to create sustainable growth and new green jobs. Circular Norway considers that cities and CityChangers are the ultimate enablers for the circular economy!


Nor-Shipping is commited to working towards more sustainable and responsible practices in the maritime industry. Trade activity on our world’s oceans have significant and direct impact on cities. Nor-Shipping has recently pledged to the 10 principles of UN Global Compact, hired their first ever Head of Sustainability and Technology, and launched ISO 20121 Green Event certification projects. At the Nor-Shipping 2019 exhibiton in June 2019, a whole hall will be dedicated to sustainable, innovative and disruptive ocean industry solutions.


OREEC (Oslo Renewable Energy and Environment Cluster) is a network with businesses, research institutes, education and public actors within the field of renewable energy and environment in the Oslo region. OREEC’s purpose is to increase innovation, business opportunities and value creation for the partners. OREEC is organised as a separate department within Kunnskapsbyen Centre of Innovation.


Tekna (Technical and Natural Sciences Association) is both a professional organisation and a trade union. It’s Norway’s largest organisation for scientists and engineers with a Master’s degree and has 76,000 individual members. Tekna is driving the change towards sustainability through training and network building amongst its members, through political initiatives and through innovative sustainability projects like pådriv.no.

Oslo Business Region

Oslo Business Region’s ambition is to be a driving force for this development. OBR is constantly working to raise the number of startups with international potential.


Electrification is a key measure to make the cities sustainable. Elektroforeningen and its members are driving the transition to make Norway the first fully electrified country.

NITO – The Norwegian Trade Organisation for Engineers and Technologists

NITO is Norway’s largest trade union for engineers and technologists with over 88,000 members working in more than 1,900 public and private entitites. NITO is the voice of engineers and technologists and contributes to innovation and sustainability through trainings, networking opportunities and political initiatives. NITO is actively working on the fulfillment of the UN Development Goals.

Norway 203040

Norway 203040 is a business-led climate initiative. Their mission is to accelerate the transition to a low-carbon economy and support the government in delivering on its national climate commitments by 2030. The coalition hopes to demonstrate, to businesses and the government, the business potential that exists in the low-carbon economy and help drive the transition.

Oslo Metropolitan Area

Oslo‘s bold ambition to cut CO2 emissions by 95% before 2030 can only be achieved if the real estate industry is able and willing to realise energy-positive buildings. That’s what OMA aims to foster. The industry has already embarked on this journey – several energy-positive buildings will be constructed in the near future.

Norwegian Association of Landscape Architects (NLA)

The Norwegian Landscape Architects Association (NLA) is the professional organization of Norwegian landscape architects with approved education.

Norwegian Ministry of Local Government and Modernisation

Climate data sets clear targets for a carbon neutral Norway by 2050, and a change in building methods and technology is necessary to achieve these goals. The Ministry of Local Government and Modernization is collaborating with FutureBuilt to provide valuable model projects for both private and public actors.

Habitat Norway

Habitat Norway is a Norwegian non-governmental organization with the overall aim to promote the interest and awareness of global urban challenges and settlement issues. Lifting contemporary urban challenges to a higher level of awareness and increased political focus, they strive to be a central actor and platform for sharing up to date information about international urban tendencies, as well as good examples of initiatives that target urban challenges and promote sustainable and environmentally good solutions.

Norwegian Directorate for Building Quality

The Building Quality Directorate is a national competence center for construction and central authority in several areas within the Planning and Building Act.


Enova contributes to reduced greenhouse gas emissions, development of energy and climate technology and a strengthened security of supply.


The Housing Bank is the government’s most important agency for the implementation of housing policy. Through loans, grants, competence building and knowledge development, they support the municipalities in their efforts to help disadvantaged housing markets.


Pådriv (losely translated as “Front Runner”) is a partnership between public, private and social actors who are working together for the improved sustainable urban development of Hovinbyen, Norway’s largest urban development area for the next 20-30 years – a development that is socially inclusive, environmentally friendly and economically feasible. Pådriv aims to help create a paradigm shift within the current constructs of sustainable urban development in Norway and internationally.


VVP is a not-for-profit Norwegian trade association representing the interests of 40 Norwegian companies that manufacture, sell, and distribute plumbing, hydronic heating, and waterwork products (incl. municipal water supply and sewer drainage). Total industry sales exceed NOK 6.5 billion annually.

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