Europe’s largest event for sustainable cities.



Oslo | Norway
May 22-24 | 2019

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Welcome to one of the world's most eco-friendly cities .

Oslo has been named European Green Capital for 2019, and the city has many ambitious plans in the pipeline that confirm its status as a pioneer in sustainable development. Oslo is proud to be a city that puts the environment first.

  • Oslo will reduce greenhouse gas emissions with 95% by 2030. The City Government has launched climate budgets for 2017–2020 as a part of the Financial Budget “. We’ll count carbondioxide the same way we count money.”
  • 30% of new cars sold in Oslo in 2017 were electric vehicles, which makes Oslo the electric vehicle capital of the world
  • By 2025 60% of the bus fleet in Oslo will be electric
  • New public buildings shall generally be energy positive
  • In the last 30 years, Oslo has grown by more than 200.000 inhabitants. However, the population growth has not made the city less attractive – quite the contrary. Oslo has improved in almost every area: better air and water quality, better schools, better transport and a more active city life.
Awesome, isn’t it?