Europe’s largest event for sustainable cities.


Here we come, Rotterdam!

June 16-18 | 2021

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The programme of our conferences is shaped to a huge extent by amazing organisations, each of them focusing on slightly different thematic areas, coming from different regions of the world facing different urban challenges.

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As a city below sea level, climate change is more urgent than ever for Rotterdam. We need a green, healthy city with clean air, energy sources like solar and wind, and a new economy that is ready to face the challenges the future brings. Our goal? To be a digital, circular and sustainable beacon, a role model when it comes to resilience, collaboratively tackling these problems.


Wien 3420 - Aspern

Wien 3420 AG is developing a smart city with a heart – the city-within-a-city will provide homes for over 20,000 people and almost as many workplaces by 2028. It is one of Europe’s biggest and most ambitious urban development projects.


Camara Lisboa

This city truly stands out. Get amazed by all the tiles and hills, learn more about the magic “Saudade”, meet its creative young community and most importantly see how this rebel city is evolving and turning into a hotspot for sustainability with its citizens always at the core of its ambitions.


Stadt Graz

The city of Graz has committed itself to sustainability and the responsible use of resources. As a rapidly growing city, residential construction relies on the renewable raw material wood and the use of environmentally friendly technologies. In terms of mobility, too, e-mobility, car sharing, etc. are being promoted.


Holding Graz

Holding Graz is an indispensable supplier of quality of life in Graz. As the largest municipal service provider in Styria, it plays a pioneering role in climate and environmental protection, especially in the fields of sustainable mobility, water supply and waste separation. The company’s main goal is to act responsibly – for current as well as future generations.


City of Braga

Considered to be one of the youngest European cities, Braga combines perfectly its two-thousand-year old History with an invigorating youth and vitality. The city has a strong commitment to promote development based on the transfer of knowledge, technology and eco sustainability.


City of Trier

Trier is not only Germany’s oldest city (dating back more than 2000 years), but also a very modern and innovative city with sustainability at its core – with a focus on citizen participation, an SDG action plan, and a variety of projects in the realm of sustainable energy, mobility and education.


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