Europe’s largest event for sustainable cities.


Here we come, Rotterdam!

June 16-18 | 2021

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Urban Future Conferences !

One-of-a-kind gatherings of the most passionate, active and best-connected urban change makers.

Everything seems possible in a room full of game-changers. Feel the energy, learn the hard facts, cycle through the city, visit the most amazing sustainable buildings and neighbourhoods and have a beer with the speakers at the afterparty.

This is where…

you make important connections
meet the most inspiring leaders
politicians join to get inspired
you have conversations
you can become friends with the most impactful influencers

Up next. We can’t wait for:

  • Helsingborg 22
  • Stuttgart 23
  • Asia Pacific 23 (city to be released in 2021)
  • Rotterdam 24

Formats ?

Formats to inspire, motivate and get people going, including Keynotes & the FuckUp Night.

Connect with VIPs and leaders from around the world in private mini-group settings.

Workshops & Business
Deep-dive into topics, learn from the best and create invaluable business contacts/exposure.

Experience the hosting city on various Field Trips. Sustainability, people, inspiration, business and fun.

June 1-3, 2022

Helsingborg 22 !

Helsingborg – a mid-sized city in Sweden – is one of the most innovative and fast transforming cities we know.

A radical reorganization of their internal structure has enabled them to now race towards innovation and sustainability at full speed. The municipality has completely changed its mindset and way of collaborating with citizens, businesses, academia and other stakeholders in order to really make change happen.

Go and experience it for yourself at #UFH22

‘Urban Future Helsingborg 22’

June 1 – 3, 2022.



June 21-23, 2023

Stuttgart 23 !

Stuttgart is currently undergoing an impressive transformation process.

Which is needed: The City aspires to become climate neutral by 2050!

Their “Climate Protection Action Programme” is one of the largest programmes of its kind in Europe and currently worth 200 Mio. EUR. What’s behind that handsomely financed programme? We’ll find out!

To be sure, the City’s transformation process is already under way. Stuttgart has installed over 160 photovoltaic systems on municipal buildings, which make up roughly 15 percent of the total output installed in the city today. Alongside the City Hall’s solar panels, bees have been producing tasty urban honey since 2014. Yes – every little helps!

In June 2023, Stuttgart invites the CityChangers community to present the progress made so far, the obstacles, and the instructive detours on the path to a sustainable urban transformation. Let’s visit Germany in 2023 and find out how they are driving change the Stuttgart way.

Honestly this event exceeded all my expectations, which were already very high!

Cynthia Zurita Véliz Student & Consultant, Universidade de Lisboa | Lisbon | Portugal

It was amazing to be part of this. Congratulations for creating such a generous, non hierarchical space to share an intelligent and informed approach to future possible.

Fabian Dattner Founder of Dattner Grant | Melbourne | Australia

Herzlichen Dank, dass ich Teil dieser großartigen Veranstaltung sein durfte. Habe viele Inputs mitnehmen können. Ihnen und Ihrem Team herzliche Gratulation und danke für die Gastfreundschaft!

Peter Padourek Bürgermeister | Zell am See

I am impressed with the #UFGC18 work and the cordiality you did everything with. As a speaker you made us feel special. Thank you for a great customer journey while getting us prepared. You have done an awesome job!

Johanna Kotipelto Senior Specialist at the Prime Minister's Office in Finland | Helsinki

Each of us who work on cities knows that the need for pooling together our collective intelligence and experience is pressing, so it was heartening to spend the last number of days with kindred spirits and like-minded people. Thank you for organizing such great occasions for exchanging ideas and showcasing projects that will make for a more positive global urban future.

Abbie Chung Senior Associate at 5+design | Los Angeles