Europe’s largest event for sustainable cities.


Here we come, Rotterdam!

June 16-18 | 2021

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Together for better cities

Passionate CityChangers !

Have you ever tried to change a city on your own? Not such a fun adventure, right. To make big transformations happen, you need people who inspire, support and challenge you. That is why we admire our community of CityChangers. Those passionate people connect live or online to make their city a better place to live in. For them and future generations.

A homebase for urban change-makers

CityChangers.org !

CityChangers.org is a highly focused hub for sharing content, skills and experiences in how to drive change in cities.

You know the challenge: Too much information noise. Real experience relevant for driving change processes is hard to find.

The solution lies in: making specific content visible in one place that’s currently buried in thousands of sites.

Our approach: We find the right content. If it’s not there, we create it.

CityChangers.org is where

you are live & get inspired 24/7
you find a home for good urban content
you connect with a community of likeminded people
you share change-making skills

Next generation of CityChangers

Young Leaders !

The Young Leaders Programme is a special programme track of the Urban Future events directed at passionate urban changemakers of 30 years or younger that want to change the future of our cities for the better.

What’s the goal?

The aim of the programme is to get ambitious young CityChangers involved into the discussion about how our cities of the future should and will look like.

Why should you be part of it?

This exclusive programme will push you, inspire you, provide you with a head full of new perspectives, and a strong network to follow whatever career path you have chosen for yourself.