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CityChangers, we have a date!

Lisbon | Portugal
April 1-3 | 2020

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Urban Future Core Team


ELKE Babel-Sutter
Corporate Services | Expo Manager

Favourite city? London! I’ve been there several times and it’s great to see the changes over the past 25 years. I enjoy strolling through the different districts.

Preferred sweets? Cake – with chocolate or fruits, dry or fudgy – I like them all.

GERALD Babel-Sutter
CEO | Programme Development | Strategic Partnerships

Favourite city? When you are with your loved ones, it almost doesn’t matter which city you are in. Personally, I love compact cities with lots of green spaces, open-minded citizens and water.

Preferred sweets? Part-time chocolate eater. If so, love raisin-nut, preferably frozen (!)

CORNELIA Forsthuber
Young Leaders & Volunteers Coordinator | Delegations Manager

Favourite city? Although there are a lot of cities that I really like – Copenhagen, Madrid, Stockholm… – I love Vienna the most. For me, it’s the perfect mix: wonderful historic buildings, fantastic green spaces and public transport, a vibrant gastronomy and bar scene – and, of course most importantly: the Viennese charme! 😉

Preferred sweets? I don’t like mint chocolate – everything else I consider my favorite 😃

LISA Gatterbauer
Head of Communications

Favourite city? I love Graz because it feels like a village and yet offers a whole bunch of different activities not only for people interested in culture but also for students and families. Oslo is also wonderful as nature is always close by. Just imagine that the next island is just an 8-minute ferry ride away!

Preferred sweets? I’m a nougat and marzipan junkie, but to be honest, the closer the conference gets, the less picky I become.

Programme Development

Favourite city? It’s car-free, surrounded and traversed by water and the most beautiful place to get lost. Your guess.

Preferred sweets? Dark cioccolata ice-cream.

JULIA Reiter
Partnership and Speaker Management

Favourite city? Salamanca, Porto, Granada – my heart belongs to small cities with loads of life.

Preferred sweets? My real kryptonite is the salty stuff. But it´s also quite impossible to stay away from Ferrero Rocher and Küsschen.

Production Manager

Favourite city? I fell in love with the “European Green Capital” of 2011, Hamburg, a long time ago. The city offers such a huge range of parks, nature reserves and interesting environmental protection projects. Especially in autumn it’s simply terrific.

Preferred sweets? Unable to tie me down 😉

JOANA Bravo Martins
Conference Assistant | Stage Design

Favourite city? My favourite city is definitely Lisboa. It’s an amazing place at every time of the year and that’s difficult to top! I enjoy going out at night the most, the city has such a great “going out” atmosphere and scene. Also all the different cultures, it’s an amazing place to get to know different people.

Preferred sweets? A mix of sweet and sour chocolate is my favourite…It’s like the best of both worlds…but I also enjoy any other type of chocolate, I must say, I’m not picky in that department 😉

EILEEN Stephan
Social Media

Partner & Co-Founder

Partner & Co-Founder

Favourite city? Hong Kong! It’s a fascinating urban case – most people know Hong Kong for its super densely built urban core and some of the public housing projects, but what’s less known is the fact that  its total built-up area is only 24.3% (270 km2), with the remaining 75.7% (841 km2) being not-for-development or non-built-up area consisting mainly of country parks, wetland, reservoirs, fishponds, etc. The super density makes possible for an extremely efficient public transit system which in fact yields profit for the city. From the centre, one can reach remote islands where cows walk around on the beach or mountain areas within less than one hour by public transit – density reserves nature, not destroying it.