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June 16-18 | 2021

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Bringing your Vision to Life

Having a vision is great, but what’s even better is really fulfilling it!

In Sofa Session #4 Soraya Axelsson (Head of H22) and Enno Schmidt (Co-Founder of Initiative Basic Income) together with host Jan-Jaap in der Maur discussed their visions and how to make them happen.

Enno Schmidt has the vision of a universal unconditional basic income and although it has not been implemented yet, Enno doesn’t feel like he lost. His campaign managed to set up a public vote in Switzerland on whether to introduce it or not and 23% voted for “yes”. For Enno his vision was fulfilled, because the campaign made the conversation going, raised awareness on the topic and found around 569,000 people who share his opinion.

Soraya Axelsson on the other hand, has the vision of Helsingborg – a mid-sized city in Sweden – playing a pioneering role in innovation and smart development. Helsingborg should become a “City of Dreams” and Soraya works hard to achieve that.

Dreams vs. Reality. How to make it finally happen?

What both of them have in common is their attitude towards making the vision come true. It’s all about passion!

You need to create a vision that makes you feel something. – Soraya Axelsson

Enno follows the principle of a vision “being your life”. His absolute dedication to his ideas convinces him that only people who give their life for their vision can really achieve something.

Enno’s second tip: “Make it look beautiful!” By that he means making it appealing to the people. During the campaigns he did that by creating huge and exciting pictures, which made the citizens start to think about the idea of a universal basic income.

Moreover, his advice for how to approach a vision is: “If you start walking, things are sorting out for you and become clearer.” He encourages all visionaries not to wait, but instead start doing something.

Sharing a vision

When it comes to co-working for a common cause Enno looked for wealthy people to work with, because sponsors are of course essential when building a campaign out of the ground. Still he points out the importance of the relationship between the people involved. He was even ready to separate himself if the chemical relationship didn’t work out. Because naturally problems can emerge when a lot of people work together. Enno also shared the downsides of a joint vision and said that social cohesion within a group is critical when there is media attention and political power involved, because that often creates distrust, criticism and even group splittings.

Soraya urges visionaries to involve, engage and inspire other people for a common vision. For her, these people – so in her case all citizens of Helsingborg – make up a very strong leadership and make sure that the vision is heading into the right direction.

Her city even established a vision fund and invests 100 000 Euros every year to help to make the citizens’ dreams come true and also hires coaches to advice the new idea makers.

Learn here what H22 is about:

Speakers of Sofa Session #4:

Enno Schmidt | Soraya Axelsson

Jan-Jaap in der Maur (Host)

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