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June 16-18 | 2021

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Our favourite online communication tools

For CityChangers forced to work from home.

Like probably most of you who are reading this article, the UFGC crew is working from home these days. But digital collaboration is not really new to us. Since our speakers and partners are coming from all over the world and with our host cities being further away than just a quick train-ride, we’ve started to work together smoothly – even when apart – already some years ago.

Hands up everyone who had a virtual meeting with Gerald, Mathis, Conni or the rest of the team and first thought they were sitting on the streets of beautiful Lisbon? ✋

Thousands of video calls later, we are happy to share our favourite tools with you. Please bear in mind that an unstable internet connection is the most obvious source of error.

We love to see each other via…


A simple system that allows you to host meetings with up to 4 participants (for free) and up to 12 (for a little fee) just by sending out the link to the room. No downloads, no logins for guests. Easy cheesy.


Very popular tool. Organisers have to download it. Can be used for bigger groups as well. Bigger companies often use it as standard video-conference tool.

Google Hangout

Every participant needs a Google account. The rest is pretty self-explaining.


What an amazing offer: Livestorm will help companies continue their operations in all impacted areas worldwide remotely for free. We like!


Oldie but goldie. We had some bad experiences with sound and video quality and decided to switch to whereby for that reason. But some people still prefer to talk via skype.

If you are hosting webinars or virtual events…

Currently, we are doing some intense research on online tools for meetings with more attendees as we try to provide you with the coolest UFGC20 sessions online and create a library of them – that you can access with your UFGC20 ticket or with a separate online pass. But this field is rather new to us. What seem to be the most popular, well-functioning tools are the following ones:


Good value for your money – depending on the plan you choose and the money you’re willing to pay, it can be even used for larger audiences and more than one host! Needless to say, Zoom offers all the necessary features we are looking for in a webinar platform, including a flexible registration management, various possibilities for attendee engagement (Q&A, polls and surveys, data sharing etc.), as well as reports on registrants, attendees and so on.


Tariffs vary according to the size of the audience ranging between 20€ and 250€ monthly. In terms of features, we can find everything we need and some additional tools such as a virtual waiting room, an interactive whiteboard, or discussion mode that turns your webinar into a meeting room.


Whether live webinars, pre-recorded, or a combination of both – with Livestorm everything seems possible. Just bear in mind that if you want your webinars to be seen by a larger audience, this platform might not be the cheapest option.


Again, the more you pay, the bigger your potential audience! If you are using it for more than 100 guests, it’s a rather expensive tool (around 200€ per month). Good feature: GoToWebinar is capable of handling the payment process. However, the design of the user surface could be a little more appealing.


Promises to provide everything you need in a webinar platform and more – sounds like a promising offer to us! Like all the other platforms mentioned before, Demio also provides the most important features such as contact management, tools for user engagement and of course reports on registration, attendees’ engagement and many more.

Anybody out there who made great experiences with another – better – one? We are keen to know – so just get in touch via hello@urban-future.org!


Stay healthy and keep making your cities more sustainable, no matter what.

See you online, guys.

Your UFGC crew 💖

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