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April 1-3 | 2020

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2019 – What a Ride!

Moments that made us smile.

We are looking back: 2019 was a memorable year for us. So many things have changed for the better. Have a look at what happened within and outside the community.

Exciting stuff for the UFGC family

This year, we had many “first times” at UFGC. It was the first time that the UFGC went abroad – and Norway was probably the best guinea pig we could ever dream of. Also, it was the first time we organised the conference in close partnership with the amazing FutureBuilt team in Oslo. Moreover, it was the first time we included the next generation of CityChangers by setting up the Young Leaders Programme – a part that we don’t want to miss ever again.

First year abroad for UFGC! And there is no better country we could have chosen for this premiere. Thank you Norway for your openness, kindness and the climate leadership!
How could we ever organise a conference without including the awesome next generation of CityChangers? First edition of the Young Leaders Programme - check!
First time in Love: So thankful for the partnership with the fantastic FutureBuilt team. Stein, Ulla, Birgit, Pia and Guro, you rock!

On-site stories

The conference itself is always very intense and packed with memorable moments. A few simply stayed on top of our minds. Can you recall Eugene Quinn breaking out of his (way too small) room and taking over public space to deliver a mind-blowing session on day 2? Thinking back to day 3, we just loved the fact that even though we had such bad luck with the weather, we couldn’t keep the crowd from exploring marvellous Oslo. Way to go CityChangers!

What a kick-ass moderation of the opening session by the 17 year old climate activist Gina Gylver! "I am 1 out of 1.8 billion youth, who want change!"
C40 Cities announced the 15 winners of its Reinventing Cities competition, an initiative for local innovators to transform urban spaces into carbon neutral and resilient projects. All of that happened in a renovated church in Oslo.
Taking up (public) space: Eugene Quinn moving his session after way more people showed up than expected.
No lousy excuses. Rain could not stop our CityChangers from exploring Oslo.

Positive vibes from all around

Taking a broader look at the topic sustainability shows, that even though we are not there yet, things are clearly moving in the right direction. Only a few years ago, who would have thought that the EU bans single-use plastic? We are optimistic, and this is all because of people you who dare to stand up for the things that are right for the people and the planet!

Oslo made its city center basically car-free in 2019 - and it's great!
That is what keeps us going: Lisbon's Mayor Fernando Medina thanking Vienna's former Deputy Mayor Maria Vassilakou on stage for inspiring him with Viennas 1 € a day public transport system. Lisbon's new tariff system got implemented this year.
The EU commission decided to ban single-use plastic by 2021.
Time's magazine announces Greta Thunberg as person of the year 2019. We like!

Change is coming, whether you like it or not!

Thank you, everyone who is contributing ❤️

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